Children’s Area Remodel

We raised over $18,400 for the children’s area remodel! This project is being undertaken to honor the 25 years Luci Bledsoe dedicated to the community – and now we are ready to start the project!

We need volunteers to get this project done! Please look at the timeline, check the volunteer time slots below, and contact Abby Armour at if you want to help!

Approximate Project Timeline

Thursday, August 16 (close at 4:00 pm) 
begin de-shelving the children’s books, remove shelving, paint the walls

Friday, August 17 (closed all day)
carpeting goes in

Saturday, August 18 (closed all day)
put shelving back, re-shelve books, set up new furniture

Ribbon cutting TBD

The library’s current space: no color, no comfortable seating, 27-year-old carpeting, crammed bookshelves

Volunteer Times Needed

Thursday, August 16 (close at 4:00 pm) 
Volunteer shift 1 (10:00 am – noon) – de-shelving
Volunteer shift 2 (noon – 2:00 pm) – de-shelving
Volunteer shift 3 (2:00 pm – 4:00 pm) – de-shelving and taking shelving off the wall
Painting Volunteer (4:00 pm – unknown) – includes a FREE dinner provided by the Friends of the
Library – paint walls and cleanup

Saturday, August 18 (closed all day)
Volunteer (9:00 am – 1:00 pm) – put shelves back on wall, re-shelve books, set up new furniture


Check the project timeline above and the volunteer positions at left. Please click below to send the director an e-mail indicating when and how you would like to volunteer!

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